gexijs is a one-man music project founded in 2012 that is focused on delivering free, quality ambient/electronic music to the masses. Currently, gexijs is on a temporary break from creating music to focus on life and to gather more inspiration.
gexijs has three albums; two of which are released via netlabels. Two EPs are available for download; one heavily inspired by video game music and chiptunes and the other, a concept piece about the rise and fall of civilization as we know it.

Horizon – released 10/4/2012 via eg0cide.
mer d’étoiles – released on 4/4/2013 via zenapolae.
Distant Lands – released in 2013, self-released.
sunspots – released on 11/29/2013, self-released.
Ruin – released on 12/29/2013, self-released.
All of gexijs’ music is released under Creative Commons licenses. Higher quality tracks may be available upon request. If you want to use any of my music for any public work, that’s awesome, but please drop me a line and let me know what it will be used for. Thanks!


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